Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Today was a hungry day!

I normally have my lunch at 1.00pm but this morning I had eaten a currant bun and two bananas at 11.00am but was feeling ravenous by 12 noon but had to leave it a little longer due to work commitments.

I had a good lunch of chicken pasta, some fruit and a cheeky little choccy bar which made me feel much better.

By 3.00 pm I had another banana!

I sometimes have days like this but this one showed that yesterday's run took a little bit more out of me than normal.


  1. I run early mornings and certainly feel more hungry on my longer run days. In peak training times I snack nearly 24 hours a day.

  2. Certainly do but it gets to the point where I am sick of eating :-)

    I have to say though a bottle of cider with a few salty snacks is always good. :-)

  3. In reply to an earlier post about calorie intake on long runs. I never eat during a run of less than 27 miles, I rely on isotonic sports drinks and drink 250ml every 50 minutes. The drink provides 140kcal per 500ml so, for a 25 miler at 8:30 per mile that works out at 280kcal in total.

    I use this method on all my long runs and I usually do back to backs early in the morning with the second being 'fartlek style'.

    I realise this may not be quite what most runners would do but it works for me.

  4. Thanks Chris, that is really useful to hear as it is something I am trying to aim for. Calories via drinks is an interesting approach and will be useful for the Crawley track race next April.