Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hunting the Clean Boot

The more I look at Hunting The Clean Boot the more I am strangely drawn to it and would love to be the quarry. Generally speaking the hunt comprising horses, riders and a pack of Bloodhounds give you a 20 minute start and you run a previously agreed route that the Master can follow if the dogs lose you. When the dogs catch up with you, you stop and they generally bark and then lick you...sounds BRILLIANT

I have decided to list the Pros and Cons though:

  • Great opportunity for a cross country run
  • Incentive to run faster
  • The dogs don't hunt they just lick you [is that last bit a pro?]
  • I don't like dogs
  • Dogs don't like me
  • Long way to travel for a 10 mile run
Anybody interested in joining in email me jezza[at]magicforest[dot]co[dot]uk and I will look into seeing if any local hunts want some fresh quarry


  1. This sounds like total fun but even though I like dogs, I think for me the travel would be WAY too far.

  2. :-) That's a pity Ewa...I am sure somebody from my local area will step up to the plate