Saturday, 6 November 2010

I am in GUCR 2011

News just in tells me I am now an now on the provisional runners list for the Grand Union Canal Run in May 2011, I am in a state of shock as I wasn't really expecting it but what makes it even more exciting is my training buddy, George, is also in . More to come later as I take in the news but while you wait here is the route from Birmingham to London (145 miles/233 km)

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  1. "provisional runners' list" - don't tell me there is actually a waiting list for this?!?! All the best, I crossed the GUC this weekend whilst running the Bakerloo Line. Would be spectacular if you are actually able to run along the whole thing!

  2. Hi Bad Wabbit, yes apparently 260 + sent an expression of interest, 125 names were pulled from the hat knowing that at least 25 will drop out due to injury or training issues. If the number drops under 100 then a person from the waiting list will be added