Saturday, 27 November 2010

My secret weapon

So the kit is packed and sitting in the living room ready for tomorrow's 50 km at Edenbridge. I have this down to fine art now and reduced it down to just one stuff sack and my back pack. The temperature is going to be our biggest enemy tomorrow and when I got back earlier it was -2° C so it will be much colder first thing. I have therefore changed straight over to my winter kit:
  1. Woolly hat
  2. Thin Skin top
  3. Short-sleeved top
  4. OMM Kamleika smock
  5. Windproof jacket
  6. Tights
  7. Runner's gloves
  8. and my secret weapon a pair of gardening gloves!
The gardening gloves are brilliant, I found them last November whilst on a run and put them over my ordinary gloves and it is amazing how they insulated my hands. When climbing over stiles and through gates bits of snow and frost gather on your gloves and melt from the warmth of your hands and as you stay out the cold air starts to freeze the water so these gloves act as a semi-waterproof layer.

Early start tomorrow and not really looking forward to a 5.00 am start!!!

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