Friday, 12 November 2010

Nice Surprise

I got home absolutely pooped tonight, a hard "thinking day" and solved some stuff at work which has been hanging over my head for quite a while. Got home to find Mrs S had purchased a Chinese ready made meal for two which had enough food in it to feed a family of 4!

After such a meal I was somewhat soporific and was soon seen snoozing on the sofa, I came around and realised that it was getting late...should I run or should I leave it? No, I HAD to run so gathered my kit and reluctantly stepped from the door in view of a steady, easy run, but how I was wrong.

As I got about a mile into the run I saw a runner coming towards me who I instantly recognised from their gait as Emma from my running club "You want company?" I asked to which she replied "Yes" but then I worked out that she had the intention of running the two longest and steepest hills in the much for my easy run!

It was not to matter, Emma is one of these incredible people who chats, laughs and talks for most of the way and we soon found the miles whizzing past and I was saddened to leave her after a few miles as she needed to visit her parents.

I continued my run feeling quite enthused and motivated finishing off at quite a pace really pleased I did actually go out and meet a friend with was was basically an impromtu run, cheers Emma

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