Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Night Run - Report

It was with great excitement that I left the house at about 7.15 pm with my good friend Duncan to drop off a bottle of water and plastic cups in a bush at the turn around point of the course my training buddy , George, and I had devised. After we dropped it off we drove off the start of the run and I was absolutely amazed to see a group of 8 runners with head torches, hand torches all fully decked out in running gear.

The Role Call

Some of these people are "legends" in my little world, amongst them were guys who had run over 100 marathons, others were experienced ultramarathons, another a sub 35 10 km runner, one a competent barefoot runner.

The Start
So off we went on a nice little 10 mile teaser that had been devised to include, rutted wooded path, field paths, wet chalk and a couple of vicious [if not tantalising] hills. What I love about these group runs is the banter, conversation and hilarity that ensues as the run goes on. We had Andrew with his mega-torch, apparently called a "Joy Stick" which left my mind reeling with all possible puns and the capability to light up a 100 metre trail!!! We had Brian with an enormous, um....light-fitting which he used whilst camping to light up half of Kent which was soon called "Brian's flying saucer thing"

As this was the first night run we had to figure out the rules whilst doing it and it soon came very apparent when we "lost" two runners from the rear that if it had been during the day could have found them. I decided that we should "Number off" a technique that every runner is assigned a number and when required to by the run leader shout out their number in order.....let's just say it failed miserably but having a Tail End Charlie who ensures that everyone stays in front of them did.
The Turn Around
We arrived at the 5 mile mark and although everyone went for a cup of water I had left in the bushes each agreed to pop into the pub "for a quick half". I was quite surprised that we caused a stir with the locals who were really interested to find out what we were up to one young lad even commented on the fact that he saw us at the start "Who could miss you wearing those shorts mate" was levelled at me....yes I was wearing my Union Jacks ;-)
The Return Journey
It was decided "by committee" that we should return via a different route so after a brief discussion it was accepted to go via the original route George and I had devised and go up a very steep hill on road and then by trail to the end. All I can say is it is amazing how a half of Kentish Ale can mask the pain and allow me to run to the top of a hill that I had not been able to do 2 weeks ago!!!

Time went by, the humour and banter still prevalent and when we all finally surfaced onto the roads we noticed that last orders at the pub was in 10 minutes so a few of the younger members were dispatched to get the orders in.

We finished off the evening with a lovely pint of Bitter in the pub with friends to agree to do a night run again very soon.


  1. ... and so the 'BRuN' (Boys Running Night)is born. Welcome to my world of BRuD and BRuW (Running day and running weekend). Well done, Neil

  2. Thanks for organising this run Jerry, count me in for the next one - maybe in the snow?


  3. A fine Sunday morning read. I am in awe of you....mike reeves

  4. Jerry

    That really was an excellent run. Great to do something slightly different and run with such good runners. The concept worked really well and we must do another night run. The banter was really funny and hiding in the woods just after the start makes you realise we all just a bunch of kids at Heart. Well done and thanks for organising a memorable run. All the best Clive

  5. Lovely! That's what makes running so great. Awesome run with awesome people. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like a great run. Good read for the start of my day too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Sounds like a blast Jerry! Glad to see you are keeping things ticking over now the nights are drawing in. Glad to see you enjoyed a beer as well - always good to feel you've earned an ale!

  8. Wish I could've been there. My second club in Somerset run with headlamps all winter as they have to share the un-lit roads with speeding cars. See you next time, not sure how i'll sell it to my wife though...