Tuesday, 2 November 2010


I was just getting ready for tomorrow ensuring my work bag was packed and more importantly that my running kit was ready for my club run in the evening. This usually is not a problem but something was obviously missing from the utility room......my shoes!

It appears Mrs Jerry must have decided that she didn't want my wet and soggy running shoes in the utility room so placed them outside. I quickly retrieved them but they are absolutely soaked still from Sunday's run so I have repacked them with newspaper and placed them near a radiator in the vain hope they will be dry...I very much doubt it though as they are still dripping!!

It looks like I am running in my designated trail shoes tomorrow for a road run which will be interesting I just hope my chest will have cleared up by then


  1. nice post...i had a great time reading...

  2. That ought to be interesting.
    If it is raining maybe you can put your wet shoes on since they are wet already.