Saturday, 13 November 2010

Prostate Charity Update

I received a lovely letter from the Prostate Cancer Charity thanking me for the donations after my Crawley 12 hour run this year. The letter was really unexpected and was a nice personal touch from them, here is part of the letter:

Dear Jeremy,
Thank you so much for your generous donations totalling £1,206.00 towards the Prostate Cancer Charity's work through your Just Giving page. I remember how tough you said the event was and it was incredible achievement to complete the event! We are writing to our supporters who have gone further than most in their fundraising and you definitely fit this category! Thank you for keeping me updated with your preparations and training and it was great reading your account of the run.

The rest was information about the charity.

What a nice thing to have a personal letter from the charity thanking me, I have a feeling they maybe hearing from me very soon.

Gentlemen, please check out the Prostate Cancer Charity website, it may well save your life

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