Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Recovery Run

I awoke this morning with my cold taking a nasty turn with a sore throat and my voice raspy, time to take a day off and give myself some TLC. I rang into work, told them of my predicament and then fell asleep for another 3 hours and lounged on the sofa watching TV. By the evening I was climbing the walls as I just needed to go out!!

Much to Mrs J's dismay and warnings I decided to go to the running club but with the promise I would run in the slower group so as to not raise my heart rate and not over do it.

And so, tonight was a lovely [recovery paced] run with a group of people I do not normally meet and found it very enjoyable running along and actually not talking about running but general small talk...the only thing missing was their lack of competition towards the end but I soon changed that with some friendly goading ;-)

As for the voice, hmm the less said about that the better

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