Sunday, 14 November 2010

A Social Run

What a fantastic run today, George and I met up at (about) 7.00 am this morning with a rough idea of a route but with nothing fixed afterall we had about 23-24 miles to travel and they can be difficult to plan.

A lot of the time now we just point our noses in a direction and then find trails or paths that look unexplored and go down them and see what we find. So basically there was no plan!

During the run today we met loads of people we know on trails and paths, we met a couple of gents from our running club who are part of another group we sometimes run with, a old colleague of mine from 20 years ago running with his wife, a friend of George who ran by at the same time and then a dog walker we chatted to last week.

So if anything just meeting so many people just took the edge off a tough run.

By the way, my calorie intake was very low today only eating a banana and a chew bar which I am really pleased with considering we ran 23 miles. If I am honest though, I was absolutely ravenous when I got home.

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  1. Always good to meet good people on the trails. Luckily most people that go on the trails are good. Have a great week!