Thursday, 4 November 2010

Spooky run

I went out for a nice 9-10 mile run tonight in the dark but as per usual I decided to take the woodland trails away from the street lights. I was quite pleased with my pace especially now that I have changed the batteries in my headtorch and I can get an extra 5 metres view.

I was going through an oak wood which can be pretty treacherous even in daylight as the roots of the trees can protrude but be hidden by the fallen leaves. I am used to seeing the eyes of woodland creatures but what I was about to see was ENORMOUS!!!

It gave me quite a start as I just couldn't get a perspective and hence distance but carried on trying to concentrate on the hidden path but still the eyes watched me through the thickness of the trees, I was getting spooked now but carried on BUT STILL the eyes watched me.

It then occurred to me that what was watching me was in fact a house backing onto the nature reserve, I feel a bit of a fool telling you but it looked one hell of an enormous animal.

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