Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Take No Prisoners...

OK just one or two but I don't care :-)

My calf felt a bit tight today mainly caused by last week's sharp increase in mileage and was just warning me to take things a little carefully so I didn't want to push it too much!!!

At the club the various group leaders shouted out route/speed/distance information and I selected mine on the premis that the "one below" was too short and the "one above" was too fast but then found out that my group selection wanted to do a two mile interval run in between a warm up and a race to the finish. I chose the lesser of three evils.

Remembering my calf I decided to run at a consistent pace whilst those around me sprinted and jogged plumping for the average pace bunny sub 8 minute/mile through the drizzle and cold. After two miles we had a 100 metre recovery jog and the call was for a free for all run back to HQ which was described as "Cardiac Cliff" and "Run at your own pace"

AAHHHHH, it happened again, I raced and I ran hard up "Cardiac Cliff" refusing to be beaten and was soon gasping for breath but unrelenting I was King of the Castle as I bounded over the top and took on the flat section of the final run....I was beaten towards the end by two of them but was really pleased I was able to run a consistently paced 7:40 min/mile run and still have a race at the end.

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