Monday, 27 December 2010

Back on trails

After yesterday's forced lay off ( I was awoken by Mrs J being sick at 4.00 am) I got up at 6.00 am this morning and hurried around getting my kit on for today I refused to be late to our usual rendezvous point.

Hearing that the main access road to the woods was like glass I decided to go an alternative route along my road and up a sharp, steep hill. My body doesn't work for the first mile of any run let alone that hill...phew I was on my way. I was very pleased to note that I arrived 5 minutes early but got worried when I noted George was unusually behind time and was just about to text him to confirm when I saw him at pace running up the road. Another phew at least I didn't have to stand around much longer.

Good run today but hampered by the melting ice that was even making the trails hazardous seeing us skiiter and skate which is worrying as we are promised more snow tonightg which will only freeze the wet paths and roads again.

One thing I was amazed at today was a lady running at pace through the woods towards us who kindly warned us (a bit late for this run as we were 12 miles into it) that "The paths were very icy!!!" and then went on to show that she was running in spikes that attached to her running shoes. Thanking her for her kind warning we went on but we agreed that she was obviously dressed for a much shorter run (no fluids, windproof and a dog) so they would possibly be more comfortable under 5-6 miles, still impressive though.

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