Friday, 17 December 2010

Big Freeze II

No not another post about what a wonderful run I had in the snow but one about how dangerous it is out there for many reasons. The has been a Bad Weather Warning for a few days here in the south east of England and today a very sudden and sharp snowfall happened with a dramatic drop in temperature which froze the already damp roads and paths.

Earlier I dropped my wife and her friends to a party and when we were going we saw a runner who, from his gait, we assumed was a club runner. The temperature was -6° centigrade and it was slippy out there and I commented he was being a tad stupid thinking he was going to be OK.

I dropped Mrs S off at her party which was on the edges of the countryside and the temperature now show -8° centigrade, the coldest I have seen it for quite a while and made sure she got inside before I drove off.

Driving back home I went the same was as I had come and then I saw the runner from earlier limping badly and holding his arm I stopped and called out if he wanted a lift but he assured me his wife was coming soon.

I still plan to go out for a run some time tomorrow but possibly later on in the day when it has warmed up slightly and then I will walk to the woods and run on the trails .


  1. Wow, there comes a point when being brave is not the best option anymore.

  2. Johann, I am looking out of the window at a heavy snowfall which has dropped 1 inch in about 30 minutes!