Wednesday, 15 December 2010


My current injury has been worrying me slightly after Sunday's long run and I have been working out ways to compensate and cure it. There are some very obvious issues at the moment such as my calves and thigh muscles are very tight and I have a definite pull somewhere it the buttock area.

I have taken a decision that the only way through this is to stretch my legs muscles in the hamstring, IT band and buttock area as much as possible and have also worked out that I need to support the area as best as possible.

So how do I support it? So I have looked at compression leggings.....very expensive compression leggings, leggings I cannot afford 2 weeks before Christmas! So why not utilise kit I already have?

Tonight I ran with my running tights as a base layer and my lycra running shorts over the top to support the main muscle worked. At first I had a few niggles but after a while and everything was warmed up I had very little problems so food for thought.

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