Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The cracks are showing

I have worked out that in the last 30 days I have run ~150 miles not the highest distance I have run in that period but every run has been resulted in my feet being very cold or being wet for a number of hours.

For a few months I have noticed that I am getting calouses on my heels which I have dealt with by way of a pumice stone however, the mileage is paying its toll on my poor little feet as I have found today. As you know the weather has been bad here in Kent and the snow and ice has remained on the ground for quite a while now but has melted in central London where I work. I have been walking to the station in wellington boots renowned for their lack of support and cushioning, my daily walk is about 5 kilometres in total. This morning, before I left for work, my feet were fine but by the time I arrived I found my heels were painful and then discovered that both heels were cracked, I reckon this happened as I sprinted across the road to avoid being hit by a bus.

So here I am potted and stumped, I have rubbed down the remaining calouses, rubbed baby lotion into the various fissures (stop sniggering at the back Jones), taped up the heels and put on some socks.

Lessons learnt
From now on after every long run I am going to ensure that after my shower or bath I am going to check my feet, oil them up and tape any sore areas. Nobody told me when I started this journey that this was what happens but this is my weakest point but worry not dear reader, I will be running tomorrow night, oiled and taped.

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  1. Sniggering at the back from Mr Jones!!!

    Get some decent socks I say and stop scrabbling around Aldi for £1 bargains. Mrs Jezza will go mad when she finds out her pumice has been used and all of her peppermint foot lotion basted on your gammy appendages! Get ultraJezJuniors to get some Ron Hills, X-socks or 1000 mile for xmas and you will have no problems chap! Merry Xmas!