Monday, 20 December 2010


This weather is now getting ridiculous and my training plans are going to pot as it is just too hazardous to run on the roads with the continuing drop in temperature as we expect it to be -4° centigrade tonight.

I had planned a 12 mile run tomorrow evening with two groups, one 6 mile at 7.00pm and then 6 miles with a group who were coming later to the club. That was until I was informed club night was cancelled for health and safety considerations....GGGGRRRR

That is until I got word that my other club were going to do a night trail run....awesome and depending who turns up will depend on the distance run. So Mrs S has informed me she is not working tomorrow night and I can take the car....tee hee night run here we come.


  1. That sounds like a night run that can include some serious fun in crazy weather. Enjoy!

  2. I have heard word that quite a few will be turning up with a visit to the pub at the end, brilliant

  3. panic not Jezza! Running in the snow is one thing....running on ice is another. Ice does not break your fall, it breaks your me.

    have a week off and put your feet up and order some new gear online! happy xmas

  4. Happy Christmas Rob...I have a feeling Mrs S is not going to hide my running kit in the next few days as she knows I will be climbing the walls with all the relatives coming. She prefers me out of sight and out of mind I think as I always put my foot in it somewhere!!!