Monday, 13 December 2010

Ghost Story

I picked this great anecdote from a web forum on from a UK runner called gary73 ...spooky.

One summer evening in the mid 80s I was jogging along, a few days after running my first marathon.

A guy starts jogging along at my side & we start chatting. I tell him I’d just ran my first marathon but no, I didn’t belong to any running club. He recommended his own running club, he’d been a member for one or two years, club nights were Tuesdays and Thursdays at the old library building and to just go along and give ‘em a try. I thanked him for the info and we went our separate ways.

So the following Tuesday I went along & introduced myself. I looked around for the guy I’d met the previous week but he obviously couldn’t make it that night. No problem. Over the next few weeks I really enjoy the club runs & became a full member.

The months & years ahead I never saw the mysterious guy & absolutely no one at the club recognised my description of him. "No sorry."

I reckon that fateful summer evening I must've been running along and talking to a ghost.

I love stories like this, not for the ghost part but because it just shows our minds do wander and play tricks on us. I have been so engrossed in a thought process that I thought I was actually there and have even thought I was at a computer programming XSLT !! Wow the power of the mind