Friday, 24 December 2010

Got your number

Training schedules, what are training schedules? Training schedules normally stipulate how far you have to run, how fast and what techniques are required to get to you peak fitness as efficiently as possible. Should we be slaves to these charts and lists? If so when?

It is a difficult one especially when you cannot guarantee the conditions you run in and so after my mammoth drive today being cooped up like a Christmas turkey I was desperate for a run and was really chuffed when, on my return, I found I had received an email from George asking about the road conditions....This means "Do you want to go for a run?" Of course it means "Yes, we have 12 miles to run" I replied.

Road conditions tonight were horrendous, the snow melting but refrozen on the pavements and the journey the rendez-vous taking an extra 10 minutes as I skated up my normal hill to the start. I still had no idea what route to take, especially with the conditions.

Meeting George he mentioned that "You know I won the Virgin London Marathon race number in the Lottery, well I have to collect it from Nigel's house tonight" So now we have a destination...all we had to do was find a route.

What do we do but decide to run to Nigel's house cross country, madness yes, George no torch me with my headtorch but the snow was on the ground, the cloud low which allowed at the ability to navigate through the woods and trails without the aid of a light...who is to stop us.

In my book Thursday is tempo night so I was very happy to dig in and run the course with our local knowledge of trail paths. I have since found out that the distance to Nigel's house was 3.8 miles as the crow flies but we ran 7 miles on woods and ice our course was a bumpy, lumpy one.

After getting George's number we ran back to his house on roads, the both of us on fire, as we bruised the pavements at a blistering pace.

Mission accomplished, George got his cherished VLM marathon number, we get a good run in and I get a night trail run in....mission accomplished, a win-win situation. Who needs training schedules?

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