Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Heat treatment

Wednesday evenings are my own now due to my recent teaching course finishing, I am lucky as my training diary is clear on this day but teaching still tires me especially after work.

Tonight I went shopping with my girls and on my way through bought some Deep Heat patches for my leg which is part of the ongoing problem I have with my buttock muscle and now hamstring. After my chores this evening I have taken great joy in resting up, a patch stuck to my thigh held in place by a light pressure bandage and the chance to watch the TV as the warmth does its magic.

I am still amazed by applying localised heat can make a muscle relax so dramatically, I have had the patch on for about an hour and the hamstring has softened up causing other areas of the thigh to follow suit; I have a feeling this is a mixture of the pad and the bandage.

Let's see what tomorrow brings as I want to make a decision if I should run a tempo 10km tomorrow night in preparation for the weekend where we have 30 miles of running planned.

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