Monday, 27 December 2010

Homemade sports drinks part two

After discussing a method of getting rid of old carb gels left over from various races I have undertaken and not used I decided to make a sports drink but was inspired by Chris Carver's comments on the way he makes a cheap alternative (recipe here nearer the bottom of page)

So tonight, whilst cleaning up the kitchen I had a go at my own using Chris's as a basis.

Jerry's homemade sports drink

The amount of orange squash (cordial) can vary, I am not a lover of strong tasting squash. I use LoSalt due to a lower sodium content but includes a potassium alternative

100 ml Orange Squash
400 ml Warm water (boiled in kettle and left for 10 minutes)
1/4 teaspoon of LoSalt

In a jug pour in the water and salt stirring until it is dissolved now add the squash. Pour into a clean 500 ml running bottle and shake.

So as you can see the only difference is the type of salt and works out at approximately £0.15 per litre, not bad considering some supermarket alternatives work out at £0.80 per litre.


  1. I think gels upset me a bit so I have decided not to use gels any more. I have been experimenting with your sports drink and I have a couple of questions.
    When you go on long runs do you fill your camelbak with your sports drink?

    Home made sports drink tasted great but still a bit sweet, although the salt seemed to balance the sweetness, but there is a point when taste of salt takes over. Any tips on ways to tone down the sweetness.


  2. Hi Clive
    I don't use a Camelbak anymore I find them inconvenient so carry 2-3 bottles depending where I am going. Today is an example when we ran 50km and had two bottles each filling them up at churches and garages as we ran around. The sports drink only lasted for about 3 hours but I am thinking I may take some neat drink in a bottle and fill it up as and when required.
    The beauty of bottles is you can see exactly how much fluid you have at any given time and ration your fluids, bladders are not that easy to gauge and to fill up.