Sunday, 12 December 2010

How far do you want to run today?

There was a certain amount of demob fever today as George and I met up at our usual place at 7.00am ready for our Sunday run. The general concensus was that we would run on a known route so that we didn't get ouselves into problems as there were reports of black ice still on the country lanes.

We went off on our run, the break really showing in our legs as we strided through the local nature reserve to bypass the town and surburbia so that we could get out into the countryside as soon as possible. We were seen to attack every hill, take on every path with a new vigour both happy to be running properly again.

That is until much further into the run when we had to make a major detour to go around a flooded section of road (we didn't fancy running in -1 C with wet feet, not today) and found ourselves on a under used road that was just sheet ice, totally lethal and it soon came apparent that the comments, grunts and groans from the two of us were becoming quite comical making us sound like Laurel and Hardy as we slipped and slided on the ice.

At about 13 miles we decided to have a little walk after having run up a particularly steep and long hill and then refusing to stop until we got to the bottom of the other side and I turned to George and said "How far do you want to run today?" without a flinch George replied "Anything between 10 and 40 miles will do me!"

I decided to run off at this point as I was hoping he wasn't being serious as it was proving to be a really tough run what with the low temperatures, the black ice, snow, mud and the fact that this was a return to running after a 2 week forced break. It was only until we got to mile 20 that we decided that another 4 would be enough as that was almost the midpoint of 10 an 40 miles.

Today was a gutsy run, my injury is still grumbling and worrying me as it was quite painful to run up hill today...not the best thing when running the North Downs. However we are still mentally strong, George having the ability to cite positive comments when the going gets tough and I was able at some stages to get myself totally focussed and only to be able to concentrate on pace and speed.

This was a great run today....the first official long run of the GUCR training, we are going to anaerobic monsters very soon.

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