Sunday, 19 December 2010

I hate mornings

I was awoken today by our cat howling like a Banshee at 6.00am an infuriating 8 minutes before the alarm was due, this in turn awoke my wife who then visited the toilet and came back to bed, my 8 minutes of duvet time was now lost so I trudged downstairs.

The plan was to meet George at 7.00 am and then together we would run down to meet Michael at 7.30 am but first I had to navigate a local road which rises 100 feet in just under half a mile, not the steepest hill on a map but when it -5 centigrade and covered in snow it is very hard work as I slipped over the ice.

Once this was navigated it was a tough but straight forward run in and around the trails, paths and byeways with much laughter and good natured banter. The weather has frozen already wet and rutted mud under the snow to create an ankle twisting route.

I am really pleased as this was the end of the first of many back-to-backs we will be undertaking and we were both very pleased with our level of fitness to be able to do this.

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