Thursday, 9 December 2010

It is getting silly now

George sent me an email today which sums up his (and my) frustration:

It's unbelievable. I have just entered my 10th day of non running. My last few steps were finishing Gatliff. It's not funny anymore and the novelty has well and truly worn off.

He has a longer commute than me and has had some really horiffic journeys back to his family during the bad weather last week so hasn't had a good run where I have been a lot luckier and been out on only 3 runs all on trail as the roads are still extremely dangerous due to the ice. Let us hope that the weather warms up enough to get the remains of the ice off the tarmac so that training can recommence.


  1. Have you ever tried running in yaktrax? Many runners in cold regions swear by them. I am not sure though how well they would do on trails though.

  2. Hi Ewa, funny you should say that. This blog gets published to my Facebook page and another person has mentioned them as well. They look a great idea but I am just wondering how much longer the ice will lay down as we don't have constant bad weather here. However I am seriously thinking that this could be an option.