Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Mist and Mud

So the big thaw begins with the snow rapidly melting from the paths and trails, hoorah. Mrs J and I noted today that although the temperature was mild there were pockets of mist hanging over the stubborn patches in the low lying areas and woodland nearby.

My plan tonight was to run 14 miles and get my training plan back on track after the Christmas break. I set off for my run with hand and head torch with a view of going to the club via some woodland paths and soon found it was nigh on impossible due to the various temperature inversions mentioned above causing me to slow down and then to be met by pools of mud, glorious mud, I can deal with mud.

Getting to the club I went on a road run with some of the regulars but my legs were a bit dull tonight and was no way in the mood for a race finish but I finished strongly and happily. I then got it into my thick skull that I would run home via the woods along the course of the local stream and then found myself in the most precarious position as my head torch spotted I was in a completely unfrozen section of ice very near to where I stumbled yesterday!!!! With this my return was slowed as I then hit a thick patch of mist, then mud and then enormous puddles of ice melt.

Let us just say that my body is really tired now, drained would be a better way of describing it. Rest day Wednesday, a time to eat and recover ready for Thursday's tempo run.

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  1. Great run in difficult conditions but a good workout for sure.