Monday, 6 December 2010

Moonlight Challenge 2011

I am having trouble trying to make a decision about entering an event next year.

As you know the whole focus of 2011 is the Grand Union Canal Run and everything else is just noise to assist my training towards this massive goal. One run I really love though is the run in Chislet, Kent called the Moonlight Challenge.

Last time I ran the Moonlight Challenge I was very new to ultradistance and did not go the full distance of 32.75 miles (6 laps) instead only doing 26.2 miles (5 laps) preferring the warmth of the tent at the checkpoint.

I have now toughened up and got some good experience under my belt and want to take on this challenge yet again BUT it is two weeks after the Thames Trot 50 miler.

Am I asking for trouble or should I just go for it, afterall I have some monster mileage to complete before GUCR but have fallen foul of two long runs with such short turn around?

Should I run the Thames Trot and then just run the Moonlight Challenge very slowly and just enjoy the experience or not at all?


  1. I would run it very slowly and just enjoy it. You can always see how you recover after the 50 miler and still shorten the distance. You have some exciting plans for 2011!

  2. Jerry - Go for it. You can use 3 days after the Thames Trot to recover, then get in a few miles to keep ticking over before the Moonlight Challenge, which i wouldn't expect you would need to taper for, just 1 or 2 days off before hand to then complete successfully.
    Just my thoughts - Mr Immune