Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Night cross country run

What a brilliant time we had tonight, absolutely brilliant. There are good runs and there are great runs, this was a great run.

This club does things completely different to my normal one, somebody shouts "Chris is taking one group, Fred the other and Peter the other one" then everyone gravitates to one of the run leaders and then run off, I wasn't sure who to go with so followed George and Michael.

Within 4 minutes we were on trails and we didn't leave them for the next hour or so as we cut across the local golf course, the snow over the top of our shoes. I know the area really well but this guy could navigate it at night and also in the fog and he knew it so well he was picking the pace up at about 8-8.30 min/mile pace.

At one part we came to a field cutting across it following the line of overhead power cables, the pylons poking through the fog like tripods from War of the Worlds the cables humming as they arced against the mist, surreal is not the word.

We soon cut back down the woods and into a small village where the occupants had done a fantastic effort of adding lights to the trees and adding lit reindeer models by the road, really pretty.

Off on pace we cut off road again and were asked the question "Around the edge or through the middle?" I shouted out the latter as we ran across the middle of a ploughed field (covered in snow) at 8.00 min/miles skitting and skating across the ruts, crazy but fun.

Great run tonight, legs feel great considering I ran 30 miles at the weekend which just shows the training is really paying off now.


  1. wow! sounds like a dream run.....obviously not you doing 8 min miles Jezza (!!) but all that snow, ice and fog.....brilliant stuff and glad to see the weather is not hampering your training too much

  2. Sounds like a magic run! You are doing some awesome training in the snow, well done!