Saturday, 18 December 2010

Not the coldest run

As the title suggests, after today's massive dump of snow on the South East of England I decided the safest way to get my Father's Christmas present was to run to the shop. The temperature was way below 0 centigrade but when some more snow started to fall it was bitter on any exposed skin, that is where my good old friend the Buff came to my rescue.

It is amazing that such a small piece of cloth keeps your face so warm as it collects the condensation from your breath. I took this snap about 2 miles from home where the snow was about 4 inches (10 cm) deep.

Great run though and even though it was only about 9 miles it felt more like 15 with the resistance from the snow.


  1. Jerry - I feel just the same about running in snow ... the way you feel after the run is just like you had run a lot further. Must be good for us eh?

    Neil G

  2. Hi Neil, well it is certainly good for the cardiovascular system and my quads are telling me they have been working today. So I would rather call it a quality run rather than quantity ;-)

  3. I was going to suggest moving south but one of the bloggers posted nice snowy pic from Rome area.
    Wish you better weather soon.

  4. Thanks Ewa, I just saw the news and the Italy weather, crazy stuff