Tuesday, 28 December 2010


I have been doing some research tonight on the Grand Union Canal Run we are doing in May 2011, the whole focus of our training and I saw a blog that read:

"...I could no longer think just about this moment, I had to think about getting there. 45 hours, 145 miles, 500,000 steps, 20,000 calories, one sun-rise, maybe 2 sun-sets. It was almost like someone has just rudely put these obstacles in between me and my finish...."

The more I read about this run, the more incredible it becomes, did I really enter this?


  1. This year I have run around 100km a month. to put in perspective, you are planning to run 2 months of my running in two days. Well Done.....!

  2. Andy, to put it another way it is the equivalent of eating 57 Gingster's Pork Pies in 45 hours most people haven't eaten that many in a lifetime!