Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Paarlauf training in the snow

The temperature outside is still a chilly -2° centigrade the snow has melted and refrozen, conditions on the pavements are as slippery as hell. In a nutshell DANGEROUS.

A message was left on the club website:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tuesday 7th December - The BBC weather report which forecasts a maximum of 0° centigrade before Tuesday night, it will not be possible to undertake the usual group runs. Instead, we shall stay within the confines of the recreation ground, and with some additional artificial lighting, have a training run including relay paarluufs x 200 metres and some sprint sessions. Hot ribena and coffee/biscuits will also be available from the pavilion.

Who could refuse such an offer? I turned up at about 7.45 pm tonight to find the recreation ground still covered in about 6 inches of hardened snow that crunched underfoot where it had been thawed and frozen again....yuck. Not to be perturbed I went for a couple of laps gentle warm up and decided that I would feel happier just jogging around the edge by myself and not do paarlaufs a choice I glad I took.

Along with the others we went on circuits of a 400 metre lap (around the cricket pitch) for 40 minutes. I have to say my pace waivered here and there as my lungs were full to bursting point as every step I took was hampered by the snow causing me to slip about and mash my ankles. After 20 minutes I changed direction to rest my hip which was smarting a bit and continued to do so until time was up.

Afterwards, a hot blackcurrant drink and a laugh with the others....what a fun night, but tough.

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