Thursday, 2 December 2010

Running on Empty

Day 3 of the great winter freeze and another day working from home, both my girls' schools are closed and my wife cannot get to her clinics. Food is getting scarce in the house and so the deal was that if I was to go for a run today I had to get provisions from the supermarket.

So at 2.00 pm I met up with some good friends from the running club and we went for a very steady snow run around the local woods and nature reserve. It is quite sad to find quite a few trees have crumpled under the weight of the snow taking power and telephone lines down with them. None of this will stop the intrepid runners that we are from not running as we scrambled over them onwards and forwards.

After exiting the nature reserve I chose to run to the supermarket for basic provisions and realised that I and the rest of Kent had descended on the place as we all scrambled around the shelves grabbing what we could. All I could get was:
  1. Dozen eggs
  2. 2 x Indian take away meals
  3. Bottle of Lucozade
  4. 2 x litres cartons of orange
So after eating the curry tonight it looks like we are going to have sports drink omelettes for the foreseeable future :-)

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