Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Some Night Run Pics

As I mentioned in my earlier post about the night run we went through Downe village and past Downe House, the residence of the famous English naturalist Charles Darwin. I thought I would publish these pictures of myself and the decorations in the village. It was surreal to see the trees appear through the fog as we ran past the church.

(above) That is me on the right

(above) One of the village trees bedecked in lights

(above) The church in the centre of the village


  1. Yes they are they were taking by a very good runner I know.....I think he is called um...Bad Wabbit :-)

  2. :) Shame that when Michael B took the camera for the final shots that he must have been shaking!! I definitely enjoyed that run and think that it should be more than a once annual event! Need a new head-torch though as battery levels reflected my energy levels by the end of it!

  3. Mike's is a very good torch for the price so I would go for something like his.
    I think the night run and/or this night run should definitely be an annual thing but this was particularly special because of the conditions.

  4. I like the suggestion of a regular off-road night run each week. Think that is my favourite kind of running, trails in the dark...

  5. Andy, there is talk of one in the new year with some of the people who missed out on the one from the Fox a few weeks back so watch this space