Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The things they say

I had just completed a 6 mile run with the slower group tonight, a nice evenly paced little number that I was using to settle my legs down after Sunday's monster run. We stopped at the club house and as per normal I went around and mingled with people saying hello to the new ones.

We have had a quite a few new people, a group I coin as "Zero to Heroes" who went from nothing to be able to run a 5 km race. Some are really keen, I mean really keen and I was chatting to one lady who asked "Are you training for a marathon?" I replied "Eeerrr no a little longer one" to which she exclaimed:

"OH MY GOD, you are Crazy Jerry, Emma told us all about you, you run all those miles"

I had to laugh at he outburst and then she said "You run at night with a torch in all those crazy places....you're mad"

I had to smile and did so as I ran all the way home after...I couldn't disagree with any of her points...the things they say :-)

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