Friday, 24 December 2010

Time for a rest

Yesterday's night run was a tough little number with some very steep ascents which the two of us did not shy away from. I am still amazed how even though we are very fit how in recent weeks with our new training regime how much my base fitness has improved especially my cardiovascular work.

You can see in the picture added with this post a cross section of one particular ascent we ran taking us about 100 ft (~30 m) in 0.3 miles ( 560 m). We happily ran up this hill chatting about the map directions and before we knew it were at the door of George's mate not even out of breath.

I have come to realise that this also comes down technique and the way I run up these hills, shortening my stride, relaxing my shoulders, leaning into the hill and ignoring the pain of the lactic acid build up.

Enough of running dear readers, I am resting up for two days and will be out again on Boxing Day

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