Thursday, 16 December 2010

When washing machines go bad

Like a good little long distance runner I have got into the habit of placing my kit into the washing machine as soon as practicable after a run and putting it on a 29 minute quick wash. I then hang it up to dry....saying that, that is what I normally do until Tuesday night when I left it in the machine!

I was really keen for a run tonight, my thigh feeling better but not perfect, and the snow was beginning to fall. I got up from the sofa and went to my kit bag and then realised that I had left the kit in the machine...ggrrrr. I decided to go for my other kit but my gloves and jacket were wet so I put them on the radiator to dry off.......nnaaaahhh it was wet outside and I would be sweating within 5 minutes so went for it.

I was really glad I did as I had a cracking 10 km tempo run on my set piece route with the snow falling around me, I am beginning to feel the run is back in me.

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