Saturday, 11 December 2010

Why I drink cider

A little secret I have kept over recent weeks is that I have been carrying an injury that has been causing me concern which I first reported in August this year. The main issue has been a pain deep down in my left buttock which settled down during and after the Ridgeway Challenge.

The injury has returned and I have stiffness around the hip flexor, IT Band and now more worryingly down the front of my thigh. I couldn't even start to tell you the names of the muscles in that area as there are loads but it has been affecting the way I walk which has not been made easy with the recent weather conditions.

The drop in mileage has in part been a good thing as it has allowed me to recover and recuperate but the stiffness in my thigh has steadily got worse even with consistent stretching and manipulation. So tonight I pulled a fresh bottle of my favourite cider from the fridge, poured it into a glass and took the bottle aside and used it to roll my thigh like a rolling pin. Absolute AGONY as I rolled it over some enormous lumps and knots in my thigh muscle, amazingly once these were rolled out I could stretch my leg and I found another area was allowed to be pulled out.

I have just stepped away from my PC and now found that the pain in my inner knee has evaporated, now I know this is not a miracle cure but surely I can justify to Mrs S why I need to buy is cheaper than a Sport Physio. ;-)


  1. I wonder if wine bottle would work too. :)

  2. Ewa, I have found white wine is perfect for the job, possibly a nice Chardonnay. Make it icey cold and then roll it over the muscle then open it and have a glass of the wine ;-)

    Very cold bottles are brilliant for rolling out plantar fasciitis