Sunday, 30 January 2011

Blood and ooze

So there I was, happily plodding around the local streets with some friends this morning running a cheeky little 12 miler. As is always prevalent on these group runs there was general conversation covering many topics and a lot of joking to pass the miles away.

It was not a particularly hard run and so the pace was a little faster than my normal slower long runs about half way into the run I was on the road and scuffed my foot on the tarmac and it caused me to stumble and as I did so feared that I may hit the kerb so dodged which made me lose my balance and I went tumbling over onto my elbow and knee, the latter taking the full brunt.

So there I lay, by mobile phones in one direction, my bottle in the other and my satsuma rolling down by my legs.

First thoughts were "Oh, I hope I haven't squashed my satsuma!"

I felt my knee hurt a little but got up and carried on running but got told to walk so I did for about 100 yards and then we continued back to base. It was then I pulled up my leggings and found a lump the size of an egg with lots of blood and just shows that leggings are not just there to keep you warm as I would dread to see the state of my leg without them.

All seems OK, no joints bruised just a sore area that I will allow to dry out today. It is just so irritating to do this just 5 days before my 50 mile Thames Trot.


  1. I guess if you are going to have a running injury this is the best sort!

  2. You're right, nothing a nice cup of green tea and a bacon sandwich couldn't put right. Typically sympathy levels at home were summed up as a Tut :-)