Monday, 3 January 2011

Brake late

So this is the week of the first of the longer runs we have devised to get us ready for the rigours of the next 20 weeks of training.

On Sunday I have the Winter Tanners 30 mile run which is billed as a toughy as there are only two checkpoints providing water and biscuits (cookies) the rest has to be carried by ourselves. So it will be fruit and a chew bar for me as we undertake this tough little number in and around the North Downs Way and Surrey Hills.

I still plan to run Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, nothing big or fast just enough to tick my legs over as we step into the challenge on Sunday. It will be fun as I know that at least 4 of us from our usual motley crew will be attending, Peter, Michael, George and I but rumour has it a few other regulars will be around and is always good to catch up

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