Thursday, 20 January 2011

Burnt out

Here is my theory:
  1. 151 miles in 3 weeks, which includes
  2. 31 miles cross country hill run 9th January
  3. 37 miles in two runs, one being a trail marathon
  4. Working at College on Monday making it a 12 hour day
  5. Then running 12 miles on Tuesday
  6. Finding 10 colleagues being made redundant and a big question mark above mine
So I have a feeling, physical, mental tiredness with a little bit of emotional strain has layed me low, not ill but an ever-present tiredness. I decided against a 10 mile run tonight, it would have served no purpose, saving my energy for my long run weekend.

So enjoying a nice glass of red wine at the moment ready for an early night

1 comment:

  1. I did exactly the same mate and had a rest day due to lacking sleep the past few days. Too tired to get anything out of a run yesterday.

    Raring to go today though! Warp speed please Mr Sulu!