Saturday, 8 January 2011


So tomorrow's dawn promises to be a damp and muddy one all good stuff as an intrepid few drag their arses up and the Greensand Ridge in Surrey, south-east England.

Never before have I felt that the three of us who are running together, George, Michael and myself, sounded so relaxed before a 50km run. We are almost "chillaxed" as is the parlance of my two teenage girls. There are rumours of George watching Arsenal playing in the F.A Cup (didn't even know it was on), myself having been to the rubbish dump twice already today with a pile of wet leaves and just finished making a litre of homemade sports drink ready for tomorrow and placed in the fridge.

The only thing to unsettle the pre-race tranquility was an email from Michael stating "This is very exciting" but then realised that it was because it was the first time we have run as a threesome since Doyen of the Downs in 2009...phew I could relax.

So for the rest of the day I shall potter about collecting my kit together remembering to take my thermos flasks, one coffee and one tea for before and after.

Things are good and although this sounds like we are relaxed I know that between us we have a very focussed eye on getting a good time tomorrow, injuries or no injuries.

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