Thursday, 13 January 2011

Crawley 12 hour Race 2011

...and so I complete one event and then within days a letter arrives addressed to me in my own handwriting telling me of another. I scratched my head wondering what I had entered but on opening was relieved to find it was confirmation of my 12 hour Crawley race in April 2011.

I must have extra sensory perception as I was on the train home tonight and thought I better get some track training in so that I can get prepared then the letter appears...weird.

Some of you may remember the picture in this post of me last year when I had to get my leg massaged at about the tenth hour when my IT Band went into spasm...yes that is real pain etched on my face. Still, I am really looking forward to this little number as it will be a great training run for the Grand Union event in May!


  1. aiming for top ten this year please

  2. No way will I win it but I was in the top 6 last year but want to certainly kick 100 km into touch and go that little further. I know the pitfalls now so will work on them