Friday, 7 January 2011

Cuppa tea anyone

These days I am invariably thinking about my "End of run" reward, nothing outrageous, normally being something as innocuous as a nice cup of tea. Last Saturday I was even working out exactly how I wanted my tea, should it have 2 or 3 sugars, 1 or 2 teabags or skimmed or semi-skimmed milk?

This may sound really bizarre but in fact it is just another method of distraction techniques I have learnt, trying to concentrate on the positive and it really does work. One great conversation I remember having with George once was whether there would be tuna sandwiches and chicken soup at the next checkpoint when going through a rather difficult section!

Tonight, I had a different problem, finding myself 3 miles from home with awful stomach cramps which required me to go cross country to "find a bush" which I did but the gripy tummy continued until I got home. In the cupboard I found a box of peppermint teabags that Mrs Jerry bought but didn't like. Knowing that mint has a calming effect on the stomach I made a cup of it and was amazed to find it worked (It maybe psychological but it worked) with my stomach settling very quickly


  1. So what is your favorite tea? These days I cannot stop drinking green jasmin pearl tea. No sugar (not in black tea either), no milk, just plain tea. Love it!

  2. Ewa, if it settles my stomach on long runs then it is mint:-) However, I still love green tea and still have it cold in my water bottle with a teaspoon of sugar...yum

  3. green tea with ginseng. I'm off the caffeine to speed up the recovery even more than giving up cider.

    On distraction techniques.....why do you think I witter on about such rubbish and speak with such profanity! Look after those feet fella.