Saturday, 1 January 2011

First run of 2011

What a great afternoon of running with my friends from Orpington RR, the general plan was to turn up at a member's house and do one of three things, a 5 mile walk, an 8 mile run or a 15 mile run, I chose the latter.

We were then taken out on a "mystery" route where the pack leader was not allowed to divulge the way even though we knew some of the trails really well he also found a few I had never been down before and have now been able to join up about 5 set routes with some great connectors.

Pace was very gentle with a few stops here and a few stops there but nobody was looking for speed work today but a social event full of jokes and top tips (my favourite was how to save battery life on my Garmin)

After this tough little number over the North Downs we returned to back to base to be met with piles and piles of cakes and biscuits with gallons of sweet tea and meet up with the others for a catch up to discuss the years sporting challenges.

A wonderful start to 2011 with some wonderful people.


  1. Now to 2/1/11 where you'll need to maintain that 10k+ minimum average daily pace! You might be interested to research #janathon also - something well within your capabilities as you're probably already doing it!

  2. Happy New Year.
    Mystery run sounds like fun as long as the leader knows the area well.