Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Food, food, food

...aaarrrgghh have I been hungry today.

I woke up hungry so I had some breakfast, get on train and I am hungry. I get to work and I am hungry, come back from lunch and I am immediately hungry....I think you are getting the picture dear reader.

There is only a certain amount you can eat and I keep feeling my mileage has dropped very slightly so I can only think it is my accumulative average and working late that is causing this calorie requirement.

What I have been good about though is not to snack on unhealthy stuff but had fruit handy on my desk at work which helped a little it is just so irritating to be thinking about food all the time.

1 comment:

  1. Jerry I know the feeling. Since I have ramped up my training for London Marathon my calorie intake has shot up. There is a tin of biscuits on the desk at work which is constantly being filled up with shortbread and Choc biscuits and I must be eating about half a packet a day. I am not sure they are doing me any good but they taste nice.