Friday, 21 January 2011

GUCR - Cheque in the post

...and there we have it, my confirmation that I want to run in the Grand Union Canal Race in May 2011. This is one of the more unusual entry processes I have been through, from expressions of Interest then filling in an entry form, going through the ballot process and then, and only then sending off the cheque.

That is exactly what I have done tonight, written the cheque and letter ready to post it first class tomorrow morning.

It is getting rather exciting but scary at the same time but it is done all I have to do is the training now!!!.


  1. You should have heard Mrs Jezza's comments when I asked for a 1st class stamp.....shall I jusr say the air went blue!

  2. Am I being over cautious as I did it by recorded delivery, I am taking no chances?