Tuesday, 25 January 2011

How to make my Garmin's battery last

I have only once been able to keep my Garmin 305 battery to last 12 hours when I switched off all the alarms and got rid of smoothing allowing to measure my laps for the Crawley 12 hour race in April 2010. So how are going to manage with 2 Garmins on a 45 hour race....answer A SolarMonkey and SolarNut if all goes to plan.

I have been planning to get one of these gadgets for a little while and was really pleased to find that I had a little extra cash in my College pay cheque this month and when I popped into the local electronics emporium saw one with my name on it.

I had a little play with it yesterday and was very pleased to see how quickly it charged my Garmin from about 90% to 100% charge, now I have to see how long it will take to charge from 0% and how many times it can do it without requiring the SolarMonkey...all good fun.

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