Saturday, 29 January 2011

I can but I won't

This drop in mileage is driving me crazy, I have this totally irrational feeling that I am being lazy. This week has been a Cycle Down week where the mileage naturally drops in my training plan and has been perfect as we enter next week's lull before the Thames Trot.

Today for example saw my wife and I going to a local shop to buy a mirror for the newly decorated living room which required me to buy some keyhole plates to fix it to the wall so instead of driving the 4 miles to the DIY shop, I ran it. For all intents and purposes it was supposed to be a gentle little run which actually saw me run the whole distance there and back in 64 minutes at 8 min/mile pace!

Off to do a 12 mile road run with a few people from my running club tomorrow which I hope will be a casual pace, the upside is it starts at 8.30 am so at least I get a little lie in tomorrow :-)

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