Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Klaatu barada nikto

After such a dreadful running experience on Sunday I was determined to have a better one at the running club this evening and I think I pulled it off.

Every new year there is an influx of new runners to the club as the marathon season begins who are most welcome but their excitement masks their experience as they turn the group runs into a race. I have learnt from this and have made a point in the past few weeks to run with one of the slower groups to treat them as a recovery run from my weekends.

Tonight I plodded out to the club, taking my usual off road route and enjoyed a nice comfortable 10 km run with a 1 km long hill which nature built to try and get you to walk...I attacked that hill and happily got to the top, turning to see that the nearest runner was about 200 metres behind me.

We returned back to base and I ran off home happy with my efforts tonight...I think I can let my Sunday monster can be put to rest

Klaatu barada nikto=I die, repair me, do not retaliate

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