Sunday, 16 January 2011

A list of annoyances

Let's do a count and cause list for the hell of it

Injury Cause
Sweat rash of small of back Area where rucksack rubs and sweat is not wicked away
Loss of toenail I pulled a gate over my foot pinching the toenail
Tightness in left butt cheek Increased mileage causing a small pull

The last two can be dealt with but the problem with sweat rash is a permanent problem and I am trying to work out a way around it. Should I use vaseline, rub a wedge around the area before hand or wear less clothing to stop excessive sweating in the first place? Thoughts any one?

As for the toe nail, that burst during the run (it is an inherent weakness) and is now taped up to prevent infection and allow it to harden up.

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  1. Hi Jerry
    I suffer with the back pack rubbing issue to, even though I use my backpack on nearly every run - you'd think it would improve.

    What I do is apply a couple of strips of wide elastoplast tape across the effected area before I head out, when the sweating hasn't begun. This has stayed on for a 100mile, 33hour race I did last year in the heat, so that's about as tough a test as it gets. The most painful part is taking it off afterwards, but then your good as new.

    I did use duct tape once, but that ended up causing more problems than it solved, so don't try that.

    It can get pretty expensive so I only use it in races or really long training runs. At other times, I just use vaseline, and apply some Vitamin E moisturising cream between runs to aid the healing.

    I don't think there is a pack designed yet which doesn't cause this problem for us sweaty lads!

    I've also added extra padding to reduce the pressure on those contact points, but this just means extra weight and something else to absorb the sweat for yet more weight. It's all trial and error.

    The other thing you didn't mention was the pain of showering on those sensitive areas - like pouring chilli sauce on an open wound!