Saturday, 15 January 2011

Lost my bottle

Last May I bought my trustee Inov-8 12l backpack and 2 #Inov-8 bottles. The backpack is great but the water bottles are crap.

The problem is they are not designed well, yes they look really nice but technically they are just not up to the job. The problem is they are molded so that there is a grip and it thins out to make holding easy but it is weakened where the join is. Both of my bottles are split at this edge, the first bottle was thrown in a bin after a race and the latest is about to be chucked in the bin after I filled it tonight and it leaked all over the place, this must have happened at my run last week in Leatherhead.

So tomorrow I resort to my trusty old bottles which have done the job a damn sight longer

1 comment:

  1. Agreed. There are very few bottles that stand up to the test of time. My Lowe Apline ones have been OK but I seem to have mislaid one....perhaps in the gym!